Word from Alex

Hypno shows

As the season began so I started performing my hypno show at a number of venues, usually after the show I’ll be asked to help someone deal with a particular problem. The main problems are phobias, in particular spiders and cravings, usually chocolate, these are problems I eliminate just for fun, well actually just to see the look of amazement on the faces when they realise they no longer have a problem. It is really satisfying to be able to help people like this, as and when something of particular interest occurs I’ll post it in greater detail.

Trainee nurse

So just before christmas I receive a telephone call from a nurse friend of mine, “I’ve got one for you” he says, “I got a trainee nurse here who is totally phobic about anything with feathers”. Very interesting I think to myself “Can you help her?” he asks, well never shirking a challenge I jumped in my car, drove to the hospital and spoke to this very pleasant young lady who explained that she had suffered with this problem from a very young age and that it was so bad she could not even look at pictures of birds without having a panic attack.

After some NLP followed by some EFT, the whole process lasting maybe 15 minutes, problem gone!! I received a phone call about an hour later to tell me that both my friend and the trainee nurse had been looking through magazines containing pictures of eagles and there seemed to be no negative reaction. Two weeks later this very charming young lady phoned me to thank me for changing her life, it had made a profound difference to her and she now had no problem to deal with. A month or so later she phoned me again to say she had just returned from a trip to England where she did something she never thought possible, she fed some swans, now that may not seem much to you but for someone who has suffered with a phobia most of their life, this was indeed an event to savour. I have to say that the feeling of satisfaction was tremendous, it is great to get this kind of feedback and knowing that I have made such a difference leaves a very warm glow inside.

Accident Victim

Now usually I dont name my case history subjects but this time I have almost been ordered to as the subject in question was that impressed, so here is the story.

I happened to pay a visit to Pop Life Paralimni Store where I saw George who works there, now on this particular day George did not seem his usual self and after a bit of banter he revealed that just a few days before he had written off his car turning it over in the process and was extremely lucky not to have killed himself!! Anyway it transpired that he had chosen to try and persevere with work despite the fact that he was in great pain and had extensive bruising. Now at this point George had no idea that I could help him, he knows me from my graphic design company, Lookers, we make the banners for Pop Life, he knew that I performed a comedy hypnotist show and that related to the fact that I am forever winding him up when I offered to try and help him with his pain he was, understandably, dismissive of the idea.

After I pushed the idea a bit more he finally relented, now to detail his condition a little , he was in constant pain and could not raise his right arm by more than a foot or so, one round of EFT, honestly just one round, and I asked him where on a scale of one to ten was his pain. He looked very bemused and I thought we had not got anywhere. After a minute or so he asked me what I had done to him still looking rather bemused, this had me thinking that perhaps this was going to need considerably more effort from both of us. I, again asked him where his pain level was just to try to get some point of reference for the next step, still looking bemused George looked at me, called me a bastard, and asked again what I had done to him. Now I was starting to get a little concerned, so I asked again where his pain level was and this time he look at me, still bemused, and said “I haven’t got any pain now! What did you do?” He obviously found the experience bordering on the surreal, he simply could not understand where his pain had gone but his pain had truly vanished.

Feeling relieved at the result (if you had seen his face you would understand, he looked like he had been hit by a bolt of lightning) I could see the colour returning to his face and he proceeded to tell me and everyone else in the shop that his pain had totally gone and he could now indeed lift his arm above his head. I have been back to the shop several times over the last two weeks and he remains completely pain free.

If this sounds unreal you are welcome to visit Pop Life in Paralimni and ask him for yourself.

A spider phobia

Recently I had a client with a total fear of spiders, now I dont mean just a bit afraid, I mean turned into a quivering jelly just at the thought of a spider. A combination of NLP and EFT saw a complete collapse of the phobia in around 15 minutes. Okay so add another 15 minutes to reinforce the results with a little hypnotherapy and 2 months on still no problem with spiders.

Now I wont claim this is always the case but it really can happen that fast.

A Scottish lass

After expounding my thoughts on stage hypnosis shows, let me relate an actual case history. After performing a stage show about a month ago, I noticed one of the volunteers had a bandaged knee, I asked her after the show what was her problem, she told me she was a carer for the elderly and in trying to lift a patient she had twisted her knee and pinched a nerve, she showed me a large swelling to the side of her knee and said she had not been able to walk properly for about six months. Two full circuits of EFT and after asking where on a scale of 1-10 her pain was she replied it had disappeared, a week later she came to see me performing again and told me she was still pain free. This whole process took maybe 4 minutes in total.

I’ll stand by these methods for exactly one reason, they work!


My beliefs concerning our therapies are as follows: Let’s look at some other methods and how they might be employed to resolve issues, In the States where it is common place to see “a therapist” on a regular basis all that appears to happen is that you talk endlessly about your problem with any resolution taking for ever, if at all, bourne out by the fact that this kind of therapy always appears to be ongoing. If these methods work why do they take so long? Why is it that we make bold claims about our methods? Dead simple, our methods WORK! We’ll stand by our methods even though some people view them as controversial, we know that they work and work better than traditional methods.

I’ll share a comments from a hypnosis forum that I saw recently, the topic was the success rate of NLP & EFT when a hypnotherapist made his own observations that he had read an article about EFT and that it was just a placebo effect and that it had taken some time for hypnotherapy to be accepted by mainstream medicine so we should not do anything to bring hypnotherapy into disrepute and that he believed it was better to focus entirely on hynotherapy. To quote a technical term “cobblers” it is not that long ago that hypotherapist were all considered charlatans AND hypnotherapy alone cannot match the combined efforts of NLP & EFT for certain problems, when used together they form a synergy that I find unequalled by any single method.

Each to their own, I accept that a practising hynpotherapist may well only know how to bring relief using hynpotherpy, that’s great, that does not mean other methods are not better. That is almost like saying because I dont know how to drill and fill a tooth the best method of dealing with any case of teething problems regardless of what the cause is an extraction. Funnily enough that is what used to be the case until newer methods were developed! I also have a problem with hypnotherapists who seem themselves as self righteous know it alls!! I have seen many a good hynpotherapist belittled by the fact that they perform Stage Shows. So What?! Dean Saunders, Grant Boddington, Paul McKenna (and let’s not forget me) all perform stage shows and treat people too. I defy anybody to tell me that Paul McKenna brings hypnotherapy into disrepute, he is a worldwide phenomenon, better than everybody else? Not in my opinion but then I would say that wouldnt I? Should they not be judged by what they can achieve with their patients? I believe that most hypnotherapists dont have the personality to perform a stage show and therefore decry the ability of the people that are able to do this. In fact seeing that rapport is of such importance in hypnosis, the fact that you are able to make people laugh with a stage show seems to make you much more approachable, I have had several new clients who have approached me after seeing my stage show, these people would never have dreamed of seeking therapy as they viewed it as going to see a psychiatrist and of course they didnt feel inclined to do that for their little problem. There is often a great stigma involved with the word therapy which prevents people from seeking a resolution to their problem when in fact they could be helped so very easily.

To all you other therapists out there remember this when taking a “holier than thou” attitude, we are here, well I am at least, to help people with problems and I’ll do that any way I can using the best method I can find and if it doesnt fit in with convention then so be it, as long as it is effective, safe and produces results I’m all for it.

Stepping down off of my soapbox, I hope this goes some way to explaining my thoughts on the methods I employ.


So what is NLP? It stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It works like this, when you think of an unpleasant event in your life, a chemical reaction is set in motion. It does not matter if you think about the event or if you actually experience that event for real right now. For instance let’s take being scared, it does not matter if you are actually being scared at this moment or if you just think about being scared, the chemical process within your brain is the same. By changing the way you think about that incident you can literally reprogram you brain to deal with it in a different way. Cravings, compulsions and past events respond very well and very quickly to this technique.

When we talk about response time, in many cases the response is IMMEDIATE! One session can often resolve long standing problems even when the problem has existed for years. Regardless of you having had other therapies to treat your problem you may still find instant results.

I’ll cover my beliefs on this matter in the next article.


So just what is this technique? Well TFT is Thought Field Therapy and EFT is Emotional Freedom Therapy, they are basically the same thing. The methodology is to tap on various points of the body, stimulating accupuncture points which in turn cause a release of blocked energy. The process may seem ridiculous at the time but when you see the look on the faces of people after their problem has vanished with what appears to be a relatively simple technique, ridicule melts away and amazement overtakes it. This method will treat phobias, pain, congestion in fact too many things to list. When used in conjunction with hypnotherapy to reinforce or pehaps with NLP its effects it can be truly unbelievably successful.

Is dramatic change REALLY possible?

Well actually yes it is and in many case very quickly too. Change can be brought about by various techniques depending on the condition. What conditions can be helped? Just about anything.

Whatever causes conflict in your life be it an irrational phobia or something from your past, through to concerns about exams and even physical problems such as pain or coping with terminal illness can be helped. You name it, we believe we can help in some way. Yes maybe that is a bold statement but even if an affliction cannot be completely cured we are confident it’s effects on you can be reduced.

Look at the self help CD’s page to get an idea of just how much can be helped and then realise this is just the tip of the iceberg. A one to one consultation is the fasest way as the self help CD’s basically use one technique when NPL or EFT may be better suited. These methods are not so conducive to self help.

Bring us your problems, allow us to lift the weight from you, you may find your life changed forever! After all, you have to agree that’s what you want or perhaps you wouldnt be here, right?