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Trainee nurse

So just before christmas I receive a telephone call from a nurse friend of mine, “I’ve got one for you” he says, “I got a trainee nurse here who is totally phobic about anything with feathers”. Very interesting I think to myself “Can you help her?” he asks, well never shirking a challenge I jumped [...]

Accident Victim

Now usually I dont name my case history subjects but this time I have almost been ordered to as the subject in question was that impressed, so here is the story. I happened to pay a visit to Pop Life Paralimni Store where I saw George who works there, now on this particular day George [...]

A spider phobia

Recently I had a client with a total fear of spiders, now I dont mean just a bit afraid, I mean turned into a quivering jelly just at the thought of a spider. A combination of NLP and EFT saw a complete collapse of the phobia in around 15 minutes. Okay so add another 15 [...]

A Scottish lass

After expounding my thoughts on stage hypnosis shows, let me relate an actual case history. After performing a stage show about a month ago, I noticed one of the volunteers had a bandaged knee, I asked her after the show what was her problem, she told me she was a carer for the elderly and [...]