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Accident Victim

Now usually I dont name my case history subjects but this time I have almost been ordered to as the subject in question was that impressed, so here is the story. I happened to pay a visit to Pop Life Paralimni Store where I saw George who works there, now on this particular day George [...]

A spider phobia

Recently I had a client with a total fear of spiders, now I dont mean just a bit afraid, I mean turned into a quivering jelly just at the thought of a spider. A combination of NLP and EFT saw a complete collapse of the phobia in around 15 minutes. Okay so add another 15 [...]

A Scottish lass

After expounding my thoughts on stage hypnosis shows, let me relate an actual case history. After performing a stage show about a month ago, I noticed one of the volunteers had a bandaged knee, I asked her after the show what was her problem, she told me she was a carer for the elderly and [...]


My beliefs concerning our therapies are as follows: Let’s look at some other methods and how they might be employed to resolve issues, In the States where it is common place to see “a therapist” on a regular basis all that appears to happen is that you talk endlessly about your problem with any resolution [...]


So what is NLP? It stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It works like this, when you think of an unpleasant event in your life, a chemical reaction is set in motion. It does not matter if you think about the event or if you actually experience that event for real right now. For instance let’s [...]


So just what is this technique? Well TFT is Thought Field Therapy and EFT is Emotional Freedom Therapy, they are basically the same thing. The methodology is to tap on various points of the body, stimulating accupuncture points which in turn cause a release of blocked energy. The process may seem ridiculous at the time [...]

Is dramatic change REALLY possible?

Well actually yes it is and in many case very quickly too. Change can be brought about by various techniques depending on the condition. What conditions can be helped? Just about anything. Whatever causes conflict in your life be it an irrational phobia or something from your past, through to concerns about exams and even [...]