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So what is NLP? It stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It works like this, when you think of an unpleasant event in your life, a chemical reaction is set in motion. It does not matter if you think about the event or if you actually experience that event for real right now. For instance let’s take being scared, it does not matter if you are actually being scared at this moment or if you just think about being scared, the chemical process within your brain is the same. By changing the way you think about that incident you can literally reprogram you brain to deal with it in a different way. Cravings, compulsions and past events respond very well and very quickly to this technique.

When we talk about response time, in many cases the response is IMMEDIATE! One session can often resolve long standing problems even when the problem has existed for years. Regardless of you having had other therapies to treat your problem you may still find instant results.

I’ll cover my beliefs on this matter in the next article.

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