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My beliefs concerning our therapies are as follows: Let’s look at some other methods and how they might be employed to resolve issues, In the States where it is common place to see “a therapist” on a regular basis all that appears to happen is that you talk endlessly about your problem with any resolution taking for ever, if at all, bourne out by the fact that this kind of therapy always appears to be ongoing. If these methods work why do they take so long? Why is it that we make bold claims about our methods? Dead simple, our methods WORK! We’ll stand by our methods even though some people view them as controversial, we know that they work and work better than traditional methods.

I’ll share a comments from a hypnosis forum that I saw recently, the topic was the success rate of NLP & EFT when a hypnotherapist made his own observations that he had read an article about EFT and that it was just a placebo effect and that it had taken some time for hypnotherapy to be accepted by mainstream medicine so we should not do anything to bring hypnotherapy into disrepute and that he believed it was better to focus entirely on hynotherapy. To quote a technical term “cobblers” it is not that long ago that hypotherapist were all considered charlatans AND hypnotherapy alone cannot match the combined efforts of NLP & EFT for certain problems, when used together they form a synergy that I find unequalled by any single method.

Each to their own, I accept that a practising hynpotherapist may well only know how to bring relief using hynpotherpy, that’s great, that does not mean other methods are not better. That is almost like saying because I dont know how to drill and fill a tooth the best method of dealing with any case of teething problems regardless of what the cause is an extraction. Funnily enough that is what used to be the case until newer methods were developed! I also have a problem with hypnotherapists who seem themselves as self righteous know it alls!! I have seen many a good hynpotherapist belittled by the fact that they perform Stage Shows. So What?! Dean Saunders, Grant Boddington, Paul McKenna (and let’s not forget me) all perform stage shows and treat people too. I defy anybody to tell me that Paul McKenna brings hypnotherapy into disrepute, he is a worldwide phenomenon, better than everybody else? Not in my opinion but then I would say that wouldnt I? Should they not be judged by what they can achieve with their patients? I believe that most hypnotherapists dont have the personality to perform a stage show and therefore decry the ability of the people that are able to do this. In fact seeing that rapport is of such importance in hypnosis, the fact that you are able to make people laugh with a stage show seems to make you much more approachable, I have had several new clients who have approached me after seeing my stage show, these people would never have dreamed of seeking therapy as they viewed it as going to see a psychiatrist and of course they didnt feel inclined to do that for their little problem. There is often a great stigma involved with the word therapy which prevents people from seeking a resolution to their problem when in fact they could be helped so very easily.

To all you other therapists out there remember this when taking a “holier than thou” attitude, we are here, well I am at least, to help people with problems and I’ll do that any way I can using the best method I can find and if it doesnt fit in with convention then so be it, as long as it is effective, safe and produces results I’m all for it.

Stepping down off of my soapbox, I hope this goes some way to explaining my thoughts on the methods I employ.

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