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Accident Victim

Now usually I dont name my case history subjects but this time I have almost been ordered to as the subject in question was that impressed, so here is the story.

I happened to pay a visit to Pop Life Paralimni Store where I saw George who works there, now on this particular day George did not seem his usual self and after a bit of banter he revealed that just a few days before he had written off his car turning it over in the process and was extremely lucky not to have killed himself!! Anyway it transpired that he had chosen to try and persevere with work despite the fact that he was in great pain and had extensive bruising. Now at this point George had no idea that I could help him, he knows me from my graphic design company, Lookers, we make the banners for Pop Life, he knew that I performed a comedy hypnotist show and that related to the fact that I am forever winding him up when I offered to try and help him with his pain he was, understandably, dismissive of the idea.

After I pushed the idea a bit more he finally relented, now to detail his condition a little , he was in constant pain and could not raise his right arm by more than a foot or so, one round of EFT, honestly just one round, and I asked him where on a scale of one to ten was his pain. He looked very bemused and I thought we had not got anywhere. After a minute or so he asked me what I had done to him still looking rather bemused, this had me thinking that perhaps this was going to need considerably more effort from both of us. I, again asked him where his pain level was just to try to get some point of reference for the next step, still looking bemused George looked at me, called me a bastard, and asked again what I had done to him. Now I was starting to get a little concerned, so I asked again where his pain level was and this time he look at me, still bemused, and said “I haven’t got any pain now! What did you do?” He obviously found the experience bordering on the surreal, he simply could not understand where his pain had gone but his pain had truly vanished.

Feeling relieved at the result (if you had seen his face you would understand, he looked like he had been hit by a bolt of lightning) I could see the colour returning to his face and he proceeded to tell me and everyone else in the shop that his pain had totally gone and he could now indeed lift his arm above his head. I have been back to the shop several times over the last two weeks and he remains completely pain free.

If this sounds unreal you are welcome to visit Pop Life in Paralimni and ask him for yourself.

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