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Trainee nurse

So just before christmas I receive a telephone call from a nurse friend of mine, “I’ve got one for you” he says, “I got a trainee nurse here who is totally phobic about anything with feathers”. Very interesting I think to myself “Can you help her?” he asks, well never shirking a challenge I jumped in my car, drove to the hospital and spoke to this very pleasant young lady who explained that she had suffered with this problem from a very young age and that it was so bad she could not even look at pictures of birds without having a panic attack.

After some NLP followed by some EFT, the whole process lasting maybe 15 minutes, problem gone!! I received a phone call about an hour later to tell me that both my friend and the trainee nurse had been looking through magazines containing pictures of eagles and there seemed to be no negative reaction. Two weeks later this very charming young lady phoned me to thank me for changing her life, it had made a profound difference to her and she now had no problem to deal with. A month or so later she phoned me again to say she had just returned from a trip to England where she did something she never thought possible, she fed some swans, now that may not seem much to you but for someone who has suffered with a phobia most of their life, this was indeed an event to savour. I have to say that the feeling of satisfaction was tremendous, it is great to get this kind of feedback and knowing that I have made such a difference leaves a very warm glow inside.

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